Training Packages

Training Packages

When you purchase your training sessions at Elite Zone, you’re receiving a comprehensive assistance from the trainer.
The moment you start training with us, we guarantee a complete personal training experience, that goes far beyond personal training sessions with a professional trainer.
Every time you use our services, we prepare a new training plan personalized to your needs. That allows you break out of monotonous workouts, that you’d be conducting in between your sessions with the trainer.
All of our training packages include scheduled body measurements, weigh ins and body fat percentage measurements, that allow us to track your progress and make training/diet adjustments as necessary.

Are you a frequent traveler? Our trainers will take care of you while you’re out of town.
Whether you’d like to stay in shape on your vacation or a business trip, our trainers will prepare a program that works for you!

All of the above-mentioned services are included in the price of the training sessions, there’s no additional cost! You’re paying for personal training and getting all of the extra services!
Once you start with one of our coaches, they’ll do whatever it takes to meet (and exceed) your expectations within a planned budget.

Metamorphosis package

What’s included in the training package?

Promotional price – 90 zl/session
50 sessions to use within 3 months
Individualized diet plan created by a dietician
Monthly progress monitoring (body composition, fitness tests and anthropometric measurements)

What’s required of you?

Following general dietary recommendations
Consistent weekly training (4 times a week)
Before and after pictures (taken by yourself). Pictures are taken before the start of the program and after the completion of all of the training sessions.

Devote 3 months of your life to completely revamp your body and mind! It’s totally worth it!

Golf package

Golf package is a 3-month training program with an aim to prepare you for the golf season. If you want to hit the ball further, prevent injuries, improve your swing – this program is pefect for you! If you strive to improve your game, you must train like a pro!

What’s included in the package?

30 training sessions to use within 3 months
TPI test (screening developed by Titelist Performance Institute) before and after completion of the training program
Monthly progress monitoring (body composition, fitness tests and anthropometric measurements)
Individualized diet plan created by a dietician.

What’s required of you?

Consistent training 2-3 times a week
Following general dietary recommendations
Publishing your golf results for the season prior to starting with Elite Zone, and after completing the training program

Begin now, to get your golf game to a higher level!

Medical package

Medical package is a 3-month, specialized training program, that aims at improving your body, getting rid of the pain and increasing your join mobility.
Training program in this package is strictly set after a consultation with a physical therapist.
Medical package is highly recommended to those individuals, that experience pain, yet at the same time would like to train safely and effectively.
Our trainers work closely with a physical therapist to determine an optimal training program, taking into account any limitations you may have.
This package is recommended to people experiencing joint overuse, as well as individuals working a desk job or standing for extended periods of time.
Thanks to continued collaboration between the trainer and a therapist, we can modify the training proactively, to get the best results without any potential over usage.

What’s included in the package?
Promotional price – 100 zl/session, and 100 zl/physical therapy session

20 personal training sessions to use within 3 months
10 physical therapy sessions to use within 3 months
Assessment and functional screening performed by the Physical Therapist. An assessment serves as a basis for setting up an individualized training plan

What’s required of you?
Following guidelines created by a physical therapist and a personal trainer
Consistent training 2-3 times a week
Consistent physical therapy sessions – once a week



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