Physical therapist

I’m a medical university alumni from Lublin, majoring in physical therapy.
I’ve been professionally practicing physical therapy for over 10 years, getting experience working at ortho clinics and sports medicine facilities. Within the last 3 years, I’ve owned my own, private physical therapy practice.

My main specialty is in injuries from overuse and acute injuries.
In my every day work, I’m focusing on treatment around the concept of soft tissue and joint treatment. My philosophy for treatment is very holistic. In my treatment I oftentimes recognize that the core problem may lie further than the actual pain point. Looking at the body as a whole integral organism allows a therapist like me to see a bigger picture of the joint and pain problem.

I use several phiscal therapy techniques that are based on a deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics.
I use that knowledge to deepen my understanding of any new, cutting edge techniques by attending industry seminars, for example: myofascial release, trigger points massage, Kinetic Control, joints manipulations, needling, kinesiotaping, classic massage.
I regularly attend physical therapy and orthopedic conferences around the country.

In my spare time, while not working on fixing people’s joints, I like to travel internationally, learning about new cultures and countries.


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