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We guarantee results and we are at your disposal for any possible queries. We ensure you stay motivated throughout the entire training process.

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Personal Trainers

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Online trainings for the companies

We provide online group workouts for companies. It is a perfect solution for employees, especially during the pandemic.

Improve the physical conditioning of employees

with online workouts your team will get rid of muscle stiffness, back pain and cardiovascular problems.

Save time

your team can train from anywhere, without wasting time to go to the gym

Adjusted to the group

online training is safe and adjusted to the group. Training in a group keeps you motivated!

Body transformation

It’s a solution for people that expect spectacular results. Our body transformation program helps to burn fat and build lean muscle mass.

You will burn fat, build lean muscles

and take care of your health

Elite Zone team will support you 

by giving you advice about your diet and necessary supplementation

Gain confidence

and achieve the results that you dream about

Training for fat loss

Change your habits and get rid of your fat permanently. Start your fitness journey right now!

get motivated for trainings

when you start your training at Elite Zone, we will make sure that you get the right motivation and care from our personal trainers

change your habits permanently

learn to exercise and control what you eat. Thanks to cooperation with a personal trainer and a dietician you will easily learn how to train and how to diet to lose fat permanently

train under the supervision of an experts

Elite Zone personal trainers are fitness professionals who can apply an effective training plan, regardless of your fitness level. Elite Zone is a place where we care about good atmosphere and physical comfort.

Online training

Train with your favorite personal trainer without leaving your house. It is the perfect solution for people who prefer personal privacy.


is designed to meet your demands and fitness level

beginners only need a laptop

and and some space

real time workout with personal trainer

from any place you want

Medical training

get rid of the pain and be fit! Medical training is a solution for people who suffered injuries or have orthopedic problems

helps to recover after injuries

Training complements physiotherapy and allows you to get back to your favorite physical activity

thanks to regular workouts

you will achieve a strong and flexible body that is resistant to injuries

safe and effective

The training plan is designed and tracked by our physiotherapist

Professional sport

It’s a program targeted at athletes that want to be better in their respective disciplines. Train like the best athletes and prepare for competitions.

know your strengths and weaknesses

thanks to regular strength and conditioning tests you will find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Individually curtailed S&C profiles will provide the correct training blocks to prepare you for competitions.

improve your sport performance

strength and conditioning training will help you increase your strength, power and mobility. Using the right periodization you will be in your best shape, without the risk of overtraining.

decrease the risk of injury

by working on mobility and stability, you will increase resistance to injuries



Expiration date

Price per session

Price of the training package

1 personal training session


5 personal training sessions

2 month



10 personal training sessions

3 months



20 personal training sessions

4 months



30 personal training sessions

5 months



Metamorphosis package
✔ 50 personal training sessions
✔ individual diet plan

4 months



Medical package
✔ 20 personal training sessions
✔ 10 physiotherapy sessions

3 months



1 online personal training


10 online personal training sessions

3 months



Open Package


Sport performance package – conditions set individually

Each package includes:

  • A specific number of personal trainings
  • Constantly modified training plan
  • Regular progress measurements
  • Dietary consultation
  • Supplementation (selection and help with the purchase)

Package prices are 20% higher in the case of personal training with Łukasz Bort

Adrian, the story

Adrian from a young age always had an appetite for fast and unhealthy food, coupled with an aversion for physical activity he weighed 100kg by the age of 18. Seeking to get healthy he came to Elite Zone to begin his weight loss journey with trainer Adam. Initially even the simplest of exercises proved to be a significant challenge for Adrian, with several training sessions ending in total physical exhaustion. Against all odds, for this seemingly shy, young man, his efforts bore fruit through the loss of 20kg in the span of 6 months. With supervision from a dietician and due to a systematic training regime (3-4 times in a week), Adrian experienced a significant confidence boost. Currently he is unable to imagine his life without physical exercise, which lays in stark contrast with the life he led less than a year ago of minimal physical exertion. Since his training regime started, Adrian lost a total of 25kg with full motivation to continue his health-conscious journey. He is the ideal example that the right motivation, along with a clean diet and training program can fruition into great results. Congratulations Adrian!



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